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Udalguri district (Pron:ˌʊdʌlˈgʊəri) (Assamese: ওদালগুৰি জিলা) is one of the 27 districts of Assam state in north-eastern India. Udalguri town is the headquarters of the district.

Etymology: The name of the district is derived from its headquarters, Udalguri. There are three traditions regarding the etymology of Udalguri. According to one tradition, the name is derived from Odal (a tree) and Guri (roots or surrounding) and it was named because originally the town developed around an Odal tree. According to another tradition, this town derived its name because this place was originally a hermitage of sage Uddalaka. According to the third tradition, the name is derived from two Bodo words Ordla (wide and spacious) and Gundri (powdered object)

History: This district was formed on June 14, 2004 as one of the four districts under the Bodoland Territorial Council. This district was carved out by bifurcating Darrang district. The territory of the present district was earlier Udalguri sub-division of the undivided district. There are Hindu,Christians and Muslim population living together in the district. This was a very peaceful place till mid 80s but various communal clashes took place from time to time. Late Jojaram Sharma was one of the prominent India freedom fighters from Assam lived here.
There is an old Namghar (Assamese Worship Place), an old Hanuman temple and an old Baptist Christian church in the Udalguri town.

Demographics: According to the 2011 census Udalguri district's population is 832 769, an increase of 9.8% over 2001. The literacy rate is 66.6% and the gender ratio is 966. There are 497 inhabitants per square kilometre (1,290 /sq mi). The main composition of people there are Assamese, Bodo, Koch Rajbongshi, Rabha, Santhal, Marwari, Bengali (Hindu and Muslim), Nepali, Garo, and other tribes.

Geography: This district is bounded by Bhutan and West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh state in the north, Sonitpur district in the east, Darrang district in the south and Baksa district in the west. Area of the district is 1852.16 km².

Divisions: The district has two sub-divisions: Udalguri and Bhergaon. These two sub-divisions are further divided into 9 revenue circles: Udalguri, Majbat, Harisinga, Kalaigaon, Khoirabari, Dalgaon, Patharighat, Mangaldoi and Dhekiajuli. Three Vidhan Sabha constituencies of this district are Paneri, Majbat, and Udalguri. All of these are part of Mangaldoi Lok Sabha constituency.
Apart from these three Legislative Assembly constituencies, majority of the villages under Kalaigaon Legislative Assembly Constituency and a few villages fall under the Borsola Legislative Assembly Constituency fall in Udalguri District. While Kalaigaon LAC is a part of Mangaldai Lok Sabha Constituency and Borsola LAC is a part of Tezpur Lok Sabha Constituency.

Name of the District : UDALGURI

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Name of District HQ

  Geographical Area  1,852.16 Sq. Km.
  Distance of District HQ from state capital  140 Kms.
  Latitude  26046'0N / 27077'0N
  Longitude  92008'0E  / 95015'0E 
  Climate   Humid and congenial
  Relative Humidity  Around 82%
  Height Above Mean Sea Level (HAMSL) 345 ft.
  Annual Rainfall  2,000 mm (Normal)
  Agro climatic region and zone  North Bank Plain Zone

Classification of workers (Nos)

  Cultivators 145,868
  Small & Marginal farmers of the Cultivators 90,879
  Agricultural labourers 34,127
  Artisans 10,658
  Household/Cottage Ind. 12,977
  Allied Agro. Activities 24,392
  Other workers 63,455

Land Utilisation (in ha)

  Geographical Area 185,216
  Net sown area (in ha) 107,474 (including area under tea)
  Forest 20,337
  Fallow land 17,967
  Land not available for cultivation 68,173
  Cropping intensity 152%
  Area brought under high yielding variety seeds (ha) 60,185

Assembly Constituencies :

   No. of Assembly Constituencies  3 Nos.
   Name (s) of LA Constituencies 64 Panery LAC
    69 Udalguri (ST) LAC
    70 Mazbat LAC

Parliamentary Constituencies :

   No. of Parliamentary Constituencies  1
   Name (s) of Parliamentary Constituencies  No. 8 Mangaldai HPC

  Number of sub divisions 2 Nos.
  Name(s) of sub divisions Bhergaon & Udalguri
  Number of circles 9 Nos.
  Name(s) of Revenue Circles Udalguri, Mazbat, Harishinga, Kalaigaon, Khoirabari, Dalgaon, Patherighat,  Dhekiajuli & Mangaldoi
  Number of Development Blocks 11Nos.
  Name(s) of Development Blocks Udalguri, Mazbat, Khoirabari, Bhergaon, Rowta, Kalaigaon, Bechimari, Pub-Mangaldai, Pachim- Mangaldai, Borsola, Dalgaon-Sialmari
  Number of Town Committees 2 Nos.
  Number of villages 802 Nos.
  Number of Police Stations 6 Nos.
  Number of Police Outposts 8 Nos.
  Number of Tea Gardens 25 Nos.

Total Population

  Male 3,87,566
  Female 3,69,105

Urban Population


Rural Population

SC Population 31,015
  Male 16,918
  Female 14,097
ST Population 2,42,686
  Male 1,23,257
  Female 1,19,429
OBC Population  
Population Density(Nos per Sq. Km)


Population below poverty line 54%

Literacy Rate(in %)

Sl.No. Designation Name Contact Nos.
Residence Office Mobile
1 DC  S. S. Meenakshi Sundaram,  IAS 03711-224282 03711-224433 99545-33789
2 ADC  Sri Kulen Talukdar, ACS   03711-225229 94351-83733
3 ADC  Sri Mihir Baruah, ACS   03711-225228 97076-02416
4 PD, DRDA  Sri  M. P. Sarma, ACS   30711-225248 98540-31425
5 SDO (S), Udalguri  Sri Micheal Ganglari, ACS     94011-47596
6 EO  Sri Bidit Das, ACS    03711-224475 94350-58697
7 Project Officer, DRDA  Sri Hemanta Pegu, ACS     97073-00645
8 EAC  Sri Palash Ahom, ACS     94353-69501
9 DIO (i/c), NIC  Sri L. Sharat Singh   03711-225526 98543-80015
10 TO, Udalguri  Sri Ranjan Borah     98649-17690
11 Sub-Registrar i/c  Sri Bidit Das, ACS    03711-246489 94350-58697
12 Nazarat Officer  Sri Bidit Das, ACS    03711-224488 94350-58697

Total Nos. of Hospitals:

3 PHC, 3 CHC, 7 SD

  Udalguri PHC 43 Sub-Centre
  Orang PHC 42 Sub-Centre
  Khoirabari PHC 28 Sub-Centre

Total Nos of Fire Service staions:

2 Nos.
Name/Place Contact Nos
  Udalguri 03711-224959
  Tangla 03711-255495

Total No. of colleges

2 Nos.
Name of Major Colleges Contact Nos
  Udalguri College 03711-224428
  Tangla College 03711-224429
Total No. of Secondary/ H.S. Schools H. Sec. Schools : 13 Nos
High Schools : 37 Nos.
Total No. of Elementary Schools  843 Nos.
Total No. of L P Schools  
Total No. of Private Schools  
  Name Distance from District HQ (in Km) Contact No.
 Airport Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport, Borjhar, Guwahati 140 Km  
Saloni Airport, Tezpur: 100 Km  
 Railway Udalguri Railway  Station 1 Km 03711-224467
 Bus Udalguri Bus stand 0 Km  
Sl. No. Name Distance  from District HQ(in Km) Contact No
1 Bhairabkunda 22 Kms.  
2 Rajiv Gandhi Natinal Park, Orang 35 Kms.  
3 Bornadi Wild Life Sanctuary 25 Kms  
Wild Life Sanctuary :
 Total No. of National Park 1 No. Contact No
  Name Distance  from District HQ(in Km)  
  Bornadi Wild Life Sanctuary 45 Kms.  
Sl. No. Name
1 Bodo
2 Nepali
3 Santhal
4 Rabha
Sl. No. Name
1 Assamese
2 Bodo
3 Nepali
4 Santhali
Sl. No. Name Of the Project Concerned Department
1 Dhansiri Irrigation Project Irrigation
2 Dhansiri Hydro Electricity Project Electricity
3 National Registration Certificate (NRC) Election
4 National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) Health
5 Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) Education
6 Sub-Registration Computerisation Project Sub-Registrar & NIC
7 Transport Office Project  Transport Office & NIC
8 Hariyali Project DRDA
9 Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna PWD(R)
10 Indira Awaj Yojna (IAY) DRDA
11 Sompoorna Gramin Rojgar Yojna (SGRY) DRDA
12 Sompoorna Gramin Swaraj Yojna (SGSY) DRDA
13 Mukhyo Mantrir Anna Suraksha Yojana, 2010 DRDA

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